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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evaluating Your Guest Blogging Opportunity

Indeed, that guest blogging is a very effective method to acquire high traffic and leads to your website because it will give your links more exposure if the blog has an enormous amount of traffic. But most of the guest bloggers are abusing this kind of technique, by submitting to hundreds of low authority blog sites. You might end up of wasting your time and efforts that could lead to your site get penalize by Google, if you get caught doing this kind of practice.

So, the best thing you should do when submitting a guest post, is to check the over all value of that specific blog. The traffic, social media activity, the number of subscribers, etc. Also, make sure you will create a unique and engaging content before submitting it so that, your article will never get disapprove by the owner of that specific blog as well as it could give more interest to your readers to comment on your guest post. One of the benefits of guest blogging is to help increase your domain authority.

So, you must act right now and start submitting your articles that are related to your niche, and see the info-graphic below as your guide on how to evaluate your guest blogging opportunity.

evaluating your guest blogging opportunies
This info-graphic originally appeared at BuddingGeek - Where to submit your guest posts?

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