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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Responsive Web Design: The New Frontier in Online Business 2015

If you are currently not on responsive web design you are losing big time.  With responsive design, your website simply adapts itself to whatever device it is being viewed on.  If on a PC it fits the large screen perfectly and on a mobile device, such as your phone, iPad or Tablet, it fits that smaller screen perfectly as well. The idea is to make the viewing experience the absolute best it can be making it easy for visitors to your website to navigate easily with little to no need to pan, resize or scroll.  It also makes for easy reading which means that visitors are most likely to stay on your site longer.
Responsive Web Design - The New Frontier
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It’s safe to say that just about everyone with a computer or phone has access to the internet.  In fact, statistics show that most people enjoy reading magazines and newspapers online among other things.  Having a resposive website means that anyone looking to find your company online can easily switch from a desktop or laptop to a mobile device without losing the experience they were enjoying on the larger screen.  Let’s take for instance, a busy businessman who needs to look you up in transit from one business meeting to the other.  A great viewing experience of your site will give a much better impression of your company than if he had a difficult time scrolling, panning and resizing just to read what you have on your site.

So why is responsive web design working so well? There are several reasons:

  • It is very flexible.  You do not have to build a regular site and then build a mobile site.  You build just the one website and it works like magic on every other device.  This is a great benefit because you only have to maintain the one site which can be viewed on thousands of screens, all different sizes, seamlessly, for a better user experience.
  • Another reason why responsive web design is doing so well today is that it does not need much adjustment or maintenance in order to work with other browsers that may be coming up in the future  . 
  • With responsive website, you can also get a response on time, location of the person and whether or not they have read the particular article or viewed the said website. For more informationa about resposive website design, you can read it more from Huffington Post about, "The Importance of Responsive Design for New Websites", by Eric Fischgrund.
Any smart business person will note the exponential growth of Smartphone’s and mobile devices in the last 5 or so years.  In fact, it is said that by the year 2015, desktop internet traffic will be overtaken by mobile traffic.  Getting yourself strategically placed for this mobile takeover is essential for future success and having a responsive website is just the beginning.

Whereas, many business owners have focused on getting their desktop experience to the height of perfection, it has been found that most people tend to have an enhanced view of those brands that give them a great mobile experience.  You can use wordpress ThriveThemes Content Builder to make the creation of your responsive web design much easier.