KenVillegas - SEO Specialist

Client Testimonials

I am so proud that for almost 6 years in the industry, I have helped many companies over the years with my SEO services. The testimonials below are proof of my client's service satisfaction.  

Matt Janaway
"Ken is a keen learner. We have known each-other for around 3 years now and his development in that time has been monumental. It is very easy for digital marketers to fall in to the trap of using shady methods and reducing the quality of their work in favor of quantity - Ken has done well to stick to his game-plan of proving a quality service. He is now in a group of only a handful of people which I would trust to take on work from me."

Matt Janaway 

Digital & Online Entrepreneur
dominik mikula

"Kenneth is a hard working person and knows exactly what he is doing with SEO. He consistently provides his opinion by sharing new ideas, who helps improve my SEO campaigns. He is also open to learn new things about online marketing that improved his knowledge about the industry and increased his value to my team."

Dominik Mikula
Online Marketer

keith carey"I've been working with Ken for the past few years. If you're looking for someone that is dedicated, inspired, honest, hard working and on the cutting edge of SEO, then Ken is your man. I highly recommend his services."

Keith Carey
Online Success Coach/Blogger/Photographer

In his time with Right Clicks Marketing Kenneth proved to be a dedicated and diligent SEO account manager. He handled the implementation of several successful campaigns, and is passionate about following SEO best practices. Kenneth has a solid practical knowledge of On Site SEO, Content Marketing, Link Building and Social Media Management.

Saadi Allan
Website Developer & Online Marketer